19 May 2022

As a construction material aluminium is one of the most versatile metals allowing the creation of architecturally designed building elements that are as practical as they are good looking.

Working with design and construction company NZ Living, Spectrum have supplied and installed numerous aluminium solutions across a wide range of medium density projects. Modern design and a systematic approach meant that Spectrum's products were easy to incorporate into the builds, and the repeatable design made building design and specification faster and more efficient whilst still maintaining a unique and fresh look for each build project.

Mason Square
Mason Square is an excellent example of how strong vertical lines can be carried from ground level to the top of the building incorporating fencing, balustrade, and pergolas. These lines complement the bold architectural landscaping features and come alive at night when backlit. The view from inside the apartments is only minimally disrupted by the vertical aluminium balusters whilst still providing privacy and safety.

Fraser Avenue
Fraser Avenue again features Spectrum’s Face Hung Fin balustrade as well as a contemporary frameless garden screen, and custom-built aluminium slat clad enclosures for recycling and rubbish storage. Using the same powder coat colours on the architectural landscape features ties all the aluminium elements together so the overall design aesthetic remains cohesive and clean. The versatility of aluminium as a construction element, and powder coating as a surface finish gives designers and architects the ability to think more freely about what they are creating knowing that the delivered product will continue to look great with minimal maintenance for many years.

340 Onehunga Mall
340 Onehunga Mall comprises 42 high quality apartments within walking distance of Cornwall Park and Onehunga Town Centre. The building design features surface finishes and architectural elements that work in close conjunction with each other and much like Mason Square, come alive at night enhancing the texture of the fin style balustrade. The combination of red brick and contemporary dark vertical slat cladding partner perfectly with the dark vertical lines of the balustrade.

Complementary organic landscape design elements and sub-tropical designed gardens complete the package and deliver a clever and very liveable medium density living space.

All three featured projects included a range of product types including balustrades, pergolas, bin enclosures, landscape elements and fencing.

NZ Living's modern design approach clearly demonstrates that medium density apartment blocks that for many years were built to look largely institutional are now long gone having been replaced with contemporary and fresh developments that their tenants and owners are proud to call home.

Contemporary and Fresh Developments