CNC Routering

Spectrum is a leading supplier of profiled aluminium and plastic products to the marine, coach building & signage industries in New Zealand.

Our computer controlled machinery is networked to our design engineers for accurate transfer from design to production.

We offer a full engineering design service in which we can, if required, take your project from concept or sketch through to CAD drawing and into full scale manufacture. Additional welding, drilling, pressing, punching, curving and surface coating services are avaliable.

Capacity: Aluminium sheets or treadplate from 1.2 - 25mm thick
Bed size: 6.1 x 2.1m - up to 9.0m length avaliable with sheet repositioner

  • Cut edge is straight and burr free
  • No flaring, heat distortion or water staining that can be caused by other cutting methods
  • The cutting fluid used is fully water soluble i.e directly weldable
  • Pen marking for optional welding and bending layouts

Finished product repacked and delivered in it's original packaging, i.e in full sheets, parts held in place by tabs for ease of handling and identification

Urgent turnaround service avaliable


CNC Routering